The Dewi Rowlands’ Bursary


Please note: the closing date for applications is now passed.

About The Dewi Rowlands’ Bursary

In honour of the longest serving Trustee, the late Mr Dewi Rowlands of Ruabon Congregation Church, the Trustees have established the Dewi Rowlands Bursary to fund research into aspects of Congregationalism. The first award was made in 2017 to Dr Peter Humphreys. The subject is “The Rise and Fall of English and Welsh Congregationalism in Liverpool (1777-2017)”.

The Bursary was established in recognition of the late Dewi Rowlands contribution to the Unaffiliated Congregational Churches Charities through his work a Trustee and also in recognition of his contribution to the wider Congregational cause. Dewi was the first Co-optative Trustee to be appointed to the board in 1977 just 6 months after the formation of the UCCC by the Charity Commission. When he died suddenly in December 2015, Dewi had 38 unbroken years’ service as a Trustee. He was one of the 3 trustees nominated by the Unaffiliated Churches and over the years Dewi’s sound and supportive contribution, his in-depth knowledge of Congregationalism and of course his extensive work with and for the UCCC have all been greatly valued.